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Cerajade Duogem - 9XF Thermal Acupressure Device

Spine is the vital part of the Central Nervous System & known as the root of Human Body. It resides in the Spinal Column which is also called the Vertebral Column. The bones of the Spinal Coloumn are called Vertebrae. The Column starts at the base of the skull and continues upto the pelvis. Alternate layers of Bone (vertebrae) and Cartilage ( the intervertebral discs) stack vertically one on top of the other in the Spinal Column. It helps in supporting a lot of our body weight and it protects our Spinal Cord.

Spine is divided into different regions: Neck (Cervical Spine), Mid-Back (Thoracic Spine), and Lower Back (Lumbar Spine). At the bottom of the Spine, is the Sacrum and the Coccyx, which is commonly called the tailbone.

The vertebrae in the neck are labeled C1-C7, means that there are seven vertebrae in that region which is known as Cervical. Most adults have 12 vertebrae in the Thoracic spine (T1-T12), which goes from shoulders to waist. Then there are five vertebrae in the low back (L1-L5) called Lumbar, and below that, Sacrum is made up of five vertebrae between the hipbones. Over a period these five bones have fused into one bone. The Coccyx is made of small fused bones at the very tail of our spine hence called the tailbone. Spine also has facet joints, which are on the posterior side (back) of the vertebrae. These joints like all joints in the body help facilitate movement and are very important for the flexibility. In between the vertebrae, there are intervertebral disc. These act like pads or shock absorbers for the spine as it moves. The discs between vertebrae absorb and distribute shock and keep the vertebrae from grinding together during movement. Together, the vertebrae and the discs provide a protective tunnel to house the Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves.
down the center of the vertebrae and exit to various parts of the body & control all functions of internal organs as well as of different body parts. These nerves provide them proper nourishment & signals from brain for their optimum functioning
Back also has Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons and Blood vessels. Muscles are strands of tissues that act as the source of power for movement. Ligaments are the strong, flexible bands of fibrous tissue that link the bones together, and tendons connect muscles to bones and discs. Blood vessels provide nourishment. These parts all work together to help us to move

DUOGEM-9XF is designed to give human body’s vital pressure points along with Spine & Loins area a relaxing massage with the combined therapeutic benefits of following:

Far Infrared Rays /Heat.
Negative Ions.
Chiropractic massage.
Thermal Acupressure

Therapy by this Device works on the different vertebrae levels of the Spine which controls the various organs & body parts. DUOGEM-9XF has 9 Ball Natural Jade Stone Projectors which stimulate the whole Spine by stimulating the nerve roots & improve the blood circulation. These Jade ball Projectors below the Spine give a relaxing thermal acupressure effect which helps in removing the blockages in the nerves & blood vessels thus improving the blood flow.

The Far Infrared rays are radiated through the Jade Projectors delivering a penetrating heat to the Spine. Far Infrared Rays are absorbed by the muscles providing deep relaxation from spasms . This Device uses far-infrared heat to deeply penetrate into the body up to three inches and stimulate the blood cells to increase blood circulation and reduces pain. Improved blood circulation again delivers higher amount of Oxygen to all Body Organs & help them to function at their optimum level.

Jade Ball Projectors used in this Device have the natural healing properties. They emit Far Infrared Rays & Negative Ions when heated thus help in removing toxins from the body. Toxins are any substance said to accumulate in the body that is considered to be harmful or poisonous to the system. Toxins removed from the body can be in the form of more sweating & loose motions.

Chiropractic Technique used by this Device helps in the alignment of Inter-Vertebrae Disc. The weight of the human body provides balanced pressure along the back giving the effect of Chiropractic massage with Radiant Far-Infrared Heat. It aligns the entire Spine & is useful in various types of Spinal disorders like Slip Disc, Cervical Spondylosis, Herniated Disc, Lower back Pain , Posture correction, Sciatica etc.

For years, Therapists and Physicians have recommended the combination of heat and massage for many problems like Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Stiff Neck, Muscle Spasms Lumbago (lower back Pain) Sciatica etc. Cerajade DUOGEM-9XF has this combination of heat & massage along with the Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, Jade, Thermal Acupressure & Chiropractic.

The Therapy by this Device is not essentially meant for those suffering from any ailment. The Preventive Therapeutic Massage for those in good health can ensure active metabolism resulting in better immune & thus preventing the onset of any diseases. It is a well known fact that Bacteria & Virus in our body breed because of poor circulation, poor immune & colder environ. For example, the breeding of Cancer Cells & other Viruses is not possible if a routine thermal massage above 42 deg. cel. is taken as a preventive therapy. The regular thermal massage also helps in better circulation of blood allowing more oxygen to flow in the body resulting in slow down of aging & degenerative diseases.

It helps in alignment of Inter-Vertebrae Discs & gives relief in many Spinal problems like Slip Disc, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbago, Herniated Disc, Sciatica & postural disorders.
It helps in removing blockages from all nerve routes hence promoting blood flow in the nerves & blood vessels. It also helps in treating Neuropathy & Radiculopathy.
It helps in treating Paralysis by way of stimulating nerves & muscles & promoting the blood flow in the affected area.
It helps in relieving Muscle Spasms, Joint Pains & all forms of Arthritis.
It helps in regulating our lymphatic system by removing toxins & hence effectively rejuvenates the body.
It helps in relieving Inflammation & Edema.
It assists in controlling Hypertension, Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis (stiffening of arteries) & Coronary Heart Diseases.
It helps in strengthening the Immune System. .
It helps in treating many medical problems like Insomnia, Thyroid, Indigestion, Gastric , Gynaecological & Prostate problems etc.
It helps in increasing Metabolism& hence leads to weight loss.

This uniquely designed Thermal Acupressure Device is capable of independently giving therapy to two different users simultaneously.
This Device comprises of two 9 Natural Jade Ball Projectors to provide therapy to two different users.
Its unique design allows two different users to start & end the therapy independently at different times.
The Micro Processor based design allows the user to select the point duration of 2 OR 3 minutes to suit his requirement.
It also has a unique feature of selecting the option of ‘BEEP’ or ‘VOICE’command for the point change alert.
In the event of user selecting ‘BEEP’ option a ‘BEEP’ will sound after the pre selected time of 2 or 3 Minutes.
In the event of user selecting ‘VOICE’ option, ‘CHANGE POINT’ voice command will alert the user after the pre selected time of 2 or 3 Minutes
Two different 15 point Spinal Graphics are provided on the Operation Panel allowing both users to see the point status at any time during the therapy.
Two different Timers & Temperature Controllers are provided allowing both users to independently select the choice of their settings.
Keeping in view the hot & humid environment of equipment, a Ventilator Fan is provided with independent switch to allow the user to dissipate the heat as & when required.