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What is an ionic foot bath?

The ionic body detoxification and cleanse footspa is a hydrotherapy detoxification & cleansing system for the health, sports, and beauty. The ionic detox and cleanse footbath machine uses natural aqua ions (water ions) for bio energy detoxification and cleansing of the body and chi meridians. The amazing ionic detox and cleanse footspa machine is also referred to as an ionic body detoxification and cleanse foot spa, footwash, or footsoak; however it is much more than that! You are going to find this out yourself when you soak your feet in the charged bath of water and relax as toxins diffuse and wash away from the bottom of each foot. Our ionic body detox and cleanse footbaths are the most affordable negative ion body detox and cleanse footbath units you can buy with all the sophisticated standard features found on competitor's machines and more; And unlike our competitors, replacement arrays are in-expensive and easy to maintain; just plug it in and throw it away after twenty to forty uses. There are no plates to change and cost only $99 (US) for 3! That's one third of our competitor's price. You can't beat that!


An ionic home body detox and cleanse foot bath system provides a natural hydrotherapy detox and cleanse to rejuvenate your body and mind! Ionic detox and cleanse footbath hydrotherapy sessions are a very effective method for body cleansing and detoxification. Most users can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well-being following each ionic detox and cleanse foot bath session.

Discover the Ionic Foot Bath Machine Health Advantage for consumers and health care providers!

If you are a health-care professional, incorporate an ionic detox and cleanse footspa machine into your practice for a comprehensive approach to client health and welfare. Whether you sell individual units or offer the treatments yourself, clients will benefit from your caring approach to total health care. Distributors & Practitioners are needed World Wide in every city and town in every state and province. Do you qualify for this great business opportunity? (Training will be provided.)

The ionic detox and cleanse foot spa machine provides an amazing external hydrotherapy detox method for detoxifying our entire body by bathing our feet in warm water that is concentrated in negatively charged aqua ions generated by the ionization of water molecules. The ionic detox and cleanse foot spa machine detoxifies the whole body with little or no stress to the user. It is greatly beneficial when used along with an herbal detox protocol. Under the effect of small electric voltage and current, the array of the ionic detox and cleanse footspa generates positive and negative ions, which flows within the water. The negative ions will attract and attach themselves to appositely charged toxins and tissue acid wastes, and then draw them out of our bodies through our foot skins. Tests have shown that heavy metal toxins, such as cadmium, cobalt, lead, tin and vanadium to be drawn out of the body through the skin pores of your foot by diffusion after an ionic body detox and cleanse footspa session.


Because of our poor diets, high stress, disease and frailty, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products. Since ancient times people have bathed in natural springs and reported experiencing healing benefits for many ailments. Resorts and health spas around the world maintain their popularity because bathing in springs — hot, cold or mineral — has undisputed therapeutic effects, including: improved circulation, increased relaxation and, as a result, relief from symptomatic or chronic pain. The ionic detox and cleanse footbath ionizes water to detoxify the body and recreate the therapeutic experience found naturally in the world's most reputed spas.

"Recall the way your body felt the last time you stood next to a waterfall or walked along a beach with the waves breaking at your feet. You breathed deeper into your lungs and abdomen; your brain cleared and the pains in your joints subsided. You felt relaxed and at peace with the world. These invigorating reactions were caused by the ionization of trillions of water molecules as they crashed to earth."

The ionic detox and cleanse footspa creates an ion charged environment similar to a walk along the beach, only more powerful, because your feet are immersed in the ions being generated in the ionic detox and cleanse footbath. Neutralized particles and waste material are pulled out of your body via osmosis. The powerful, natural forces at work in the ionic detox and cleanse footspa are extremely gentle on your system and can be used with confidence and in conjunction with most health regimens. Ask your health care provider how essential body detoxification is in fighting sickness and disease. A growing number of clinicians believe it is a core element of total body health.

The Ionic Detox and Cleanse Foot Spa Session

The combination of electrolysis in the array, ionization of the water, and the flood of pollution and toxins purged from your body, are evident just minutes into an ionic detox and cleanse foot spa session.

Color or Particle Possible Material or Area of the Body Being Detoxified
Black Heavy metals
Black Flecks Detoxifying from liver, cellular debris, tobacco
Brown Detoxifying from gallbladder
Dark Green  
Orange Detoxifying from joints
Red Flecks Blood clot material
White Cheese-Like Particles Most likely yeast
White Foam Detoxifying from lymphatic system
Yellow-Green Detoxifying from kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area

During a session the metal in the ion generating array will corrode as part of ion generating process. So most or all of the color you will see in the water will generally comes from the array. The majority of materials/toxins leaving the body do not produce a lot of color, further more the amount of material/toxins leaving your body compared to the amount of the array material disintegrating is small. Depending on the stainless composition of the array in an ionic home body detox and cleanse footbath, it is possible that the color produces by the array may completely mask the color produced by the materials leaving your body. Even so, due to differences in local water supplies, personal diet, and other variables, we do not rely on the color chart alone; although helpful for speculating what and where toxins are being pulled from the body there is a great deal happening that is not visible. A chemical analysis of the water before and after a session will tell a more accurate story. Here is an independent lab test analysis of the water used in ionic detox and cleanse footspa sessions before and after a detox; it suggests that materials and toxins must be coming out of your foot into the water because they were either not there before or are in much higher concentration after!


Is Disease Caused by Toxins?

"When you take a closer look, all diseases have critical components of environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies both of which are completely reversible" Detoxify or Die - Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

We live in a society fraught with pollutants and toxins — natural and synthetic. They exist in our air, water, fo]od, clothing and the environments in which we live, work, play and sleep. Cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are also major sources of toxins. As a by-product of busy lifestyles and the increasing pollution in the environment, our bodies are encountering and storing unwanted toxins on a daily basis. Tissue acid wastes, chemicals, and heavy metal residues now build up in our body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies, and mental and physical incapacitation. Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow, green and blotched complexions often indicate a build-up of tissue acid wastes inside the body. Our bodies are depleted of crucial life-giving elements, leaving us to feel drained of energy or unable to heal naturally from illness, injury or medical procedures.

With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of auto-immune disease, allergies and common infections. There is no coincidence in this increase. There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use today and more than a forth of these are known to be toxic; moreover, nothing is known about their interactive effects. Tests on body fat shows residue of hundreds of chemicals. Metals, such as mercury, cadmium, and antimony are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Lead, for example, can block red blood cell formation. Chemicals can act as toxins that can block receptor sites on cells; cause changes in calcium homeostasis; selectively kill cells; and alter expression of gene products. Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. In an attempt to detoxify these substances, our bowels, kidneys, liver, and immune system are being overloaded. Our eliminative channels have become blocked or dysfunctional because in conjunction with the synthetic chemical toxins in our environment, the western diet is so acid forming and de-vitalized of necessary nutrients.

To relieve the strains on our detoxifying organs, particularly the kidneys, liver, intestines, and immune system, it is more important than ever to maintain a detoxification and cleanse regimen. The ionic detox and cleanse footbath is designed to relieve these strains and detoxify the body through the skin, the largest organ in the human body. Dietary modification and detoxification have been shown to substantially reduce and even eliminate the conditions discussed above.

The Healing Power of Water & How The Ionic Detox and Cleanse Foot Bath Works


Water is a critical resource. It covers two-thirds of the Earth's surface and 80 percent of the human body is comprised of water. It's in the fluids we drink, the air we breathe, the foods we consume, and it is the medium by which we detoxify ourselves. Aside from being the wellspring and sustainer of all life, it is also a living thing. When monitored, a glass of water can be found to produce an electrical charge of up to five volts. Additionally, if the water is healthy, the voltage reading will fluctuate and change over time. This bio-electrical energy is notably absent when water is distilled or run through a reverse-osmosis process; one needs to only drink a glass of tap water that has just actively traveled through pipes into a glass in comparison to a glass of distilled water to acknowledge this difference.

Since ancient times people have bathed in natural springs and reported experiencing healing benefit for many ailments. Resorts and health spas around the world maintain their popularity because bathing in springs — hot, cold or mineral — has undisputed therapeutic effects, including: improved circulation, increased relaxation and, as a result, relief from symptomatic or chronic pain. The ionic detox footspa ionizes water to help detoxify the body and recreate the therapeutic experience found naturally in the world's most reputed spas.


An ion is a charged atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron, thus creating an electro-magnetic field capable of neutralizing oppositely-charged particles such as toxins found in the human body. The negative ions produced by the ionic detox and cleanse footspa create a gentle vibration that aids the release of unwanted toxin particles through the pores on the sole of the foot. There are over 2,000 pores on each foot! ion producing technology has been around for several decades, but the secret to its successful use in body detoxification and cleanse is the production of positive and negative ions in the same treatment.

The control head of the ionic detox and cleanse footspa unit delivers an electrical current through the ionizer array that is placed into the water alongside the feet. The low-level direct current to the array causes the metals within the array in combination with water and salt to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating the oxygen and hydrogen components of water. The ionic detox and cleanse foot spa hydrotherapy detox/cleanse system allows the negative ions to travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic substances with the opposite charge. Since most toxins in our body are positive in charge, (i.e. heavy metals ions), they will be conveniently neutralized and drawn out by the negative ions produced by the ionic detox and cleanse foot spa . Toxin particles are pulled through the skin and out of the body via osmosis and neutralized because they are attracted by the highly-concentrated ion field in the ionic detoxification and cleanse footbath water.

When the ionic detoxification and cleanse footbath is set, the negative ions being produced in the water raises the user's pH to a more alkaline state. This is significant because the vast majority of people in the United States live in an acid state — their bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions and their pH is lower than 7.45. Such persons greatly benefit from exposure to high concentrations of negative charged ions, bringing their bodies back into a more balanced acid-alkaline state. This is very significant, because when your body is alkaline, the cells causing many diseases, such as cancer cannot grow!

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification & Cleanse Effect

The ionic detoxification and cleanse foot bath helps the body release the incredible power of our immune system!

Every day our immune system defends us from pollution and foreign invaders, including our own cells when they mutate into cancer causing cells. Did you know that only your immune system can repair, heal, and cure you of illness and disease? Look in any medical textbook or ask any doctor and they will tell you that any illness that goes away as a result of a prescribed course of treatment or procedures is also destined to return when the treatment does not include paying attention to the important role of the immune system. If a patient is not taught to acknowledge the importance of changing their lifestyle to better support their immune system, as part of their long term recovery plan, the old disease or some other new one is almost always certain to re-manifest.

After each ionic detoxification and cleanse footbath session, it is common for users to to feel an immediate relief from disease and illness symptoms. However, even though you may feel this relief, it is important to note that ionic detoxification and cleanse footspa treatment sessions do not heal nor cure any diseases or conditions. The role of the ionic detoxification and cleanse footspa system should be viewed as that of a relaxing alternative therapy for helping the body to reduce unwanted toxins on it's own; it is only an aid in the healing process carried out by your own immune system. According to the theory of Nutritional Immunology, only your immune system can heal your body and cure you of your illness and disease. So a relaxing ionic detoxification foot spa is only a valuable way of assisting the body to detoxify and cleanse its organs and tissues on it's own. This detoxification and cleansing process carried out by your own body, miraculously aids in the healing process carried out by our immune system.

The theory of Nutritional Immunology gets a lot of credibility from the simple fact that every natural method for regaining health consistently includes some sort of special routine or nutritional diet for cleansing, nourishing, and balancing the immune system and it's supporting organs of detoxification. The theory of Nutritional Immunology simple states that for the immune system to function at optimum levels, it must be given special nutrition, and that we must modify our lifestyle in a way that is known to support the immune system's function. For example, we must strive to reduce our exposure to environmental toxins. This is done by mainly consuming pesticide-free organically grown wholesome plant food without toxins in the form of chemicals and preservatives (not an easy task!). We must also learn to reduce and manage our stress levels; as well as make sure we are getting proper sleep and rest.

We must recognize and take into account that all the organs of our body are not separate, but interrelated and connected; and so before the optimum function of the immune system can be restored, each organ of the body associated with supporting the immune system must be restored to health also. These supporting organs; the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and skin, for example, aid the immune system by either processing and removing toxic waste; acting as a barrier to protect the body; or simply ensuring the absorption of necessary nutrients from foods we eat. In conclusion, when the immune system is unhealthy, it is either because the organs that supports the immune system are sick (due to toxicity), or because the immune system and its supporting organs are malnourished as a result of years of not getting the vital nutrients required for its function!

By now we hope you have noticed the recurring theme: when any system in the body is sick, it is usually because of toxin build-up in the tissues or organs. One way toxin build-up can happen is acutely; because we are suddenly bombarded by so much toxins that our detoxing system is unable to remove them fast enough without extra help from us (i.e. by changing our lifestyle and engaging in detoxification treatment to support the immune systems). Shockingly, toxic build-up is usually chronic (gradual); that's right... the number one reason for toxin build-up in our bodies is because we not helping the immune system do it's job for years. Since the number one factor for immune system health is nutrition, it is due to years of malnutrition. However, malnutrition here doesn't mean we are not eating enough food in quantity; it simply means that for years, we were not providing our body with all the right types of food nutrition, in the proper form the immune system and it's supporting organs need on a daily basis. This last point illustrates how important it is to provide our immune system and its supporting organs with all the vital nutrition they need on a daily basis. To learn more about restoring the function of your immune system through proper nutrition, visit www.nutritionimmunology.com or www.vitalhealingsteps.com.

Let's get back to importance of supporting our immune system. When we are healthy, we must support our immune system so that it can continue to keep us healthy as a preventative measure. And since only the immune system can heal, when we are sick, we must support our immune system so that it can heal us. It all sounds so simple, but it becomes quite complicated if the immune system itself is unhealthy. An unhealthy immune system cannot properly perform its defending and healing function. When the immune system is unhealthy, it gets rather complicated because it is, unfortunately, not an easy task to bring the immune system back to health. As we have already established, the problem lies in the fact that all the systems of the body are interconnected; in order to restore the immune system function, we must also restore the function of all its supporting organs. This is a rather slow process. Isn't it scary that this the situation inside the body of a sick individual fighting a serious illness or disease. It is ironic that so many people don't even realize how serious the situation is when it is a weak immune system that is trying to nurse them back to health. A very sick individual's immune system is already under so much stress that at any time their health could take a turn for the worse if they don't quickly find ways to support their immune function.

One way to indirectly support our immune system's health and function is to simply detoxify all the other organs in the body, especially the organs that are most related to supporting the immune function (i.e. circulatory system, kidney, liver, intestines, colon, etc.). By simply helping to detoxify these supporting organs, we are not only lessening the strain on the organs and immune system, but we are also dramatically increasing the immune system's function. This is because of the fact that when these supporting organs become somewhat less toxic, they will thus be better able to carry out their supporting role of the immune system more efficiently. As these supporting organs of the immune system become more nourished and detoxified, the faster and better they are able to carry out their task; thus the faster and better the immune system can can carry out its healing and defending task!

How to help and support the immune system:

We have already established that the immune system is overworked and stressed, and that this is because we are malnourished and taking in too many toxins into our bodies. Therefore the simplest way to help our immune system is to cut down on the amount of toxins we are consuming and/or are exposed to on a daily basis. People who are sick need to be especially diligent about this. The next way to support our immune system is through proper nutrition; we need to learn which foods will support our immune function and its supporting detoxifying organs. The very sick need to understand these points because it may mean life or death. Though nutrition is the number one factor, there are other ways of supporting the immune system, some are obvious and some not so obvious; for example, reducing one's stress level, getting regular exercise, sleep, and rest. Now let us take a look at the role of ionic detoxification and cleanse foot spas in supporting the immune system.

An ion detox and cleanse foot spa is an external hydrotherapy aid that can be used with a herbal detox protocol and dietary modification to helps your body detoxify (on its own) every organ, tissue, and cell in our body directly and indirectly by re-energizing the natural waste elimination and detoxification function of the immune system and it's supporting organs.

How the Ionic Detox and Cleanse Foot Bath helps the Immune System

To understand the importance of using ion detox and cleanse footbaths, let us keep in mind that most illnesses and disease happen because of toxin accumulation and build-up in our organs and tissues. Accumulation happens as a result of the immune system and it's supporting organs being backed up, (unable to remove toxins fast enough from the body compared to the rate of intake). Furthermore, the immune system and it's supporting organs become backed up as a result of either of an acute over-exposure to toxins or because of a chronic (gradual) toxin build-up due to years of being malnourished (not getting all the vital nutrients necessary for proper function). This is why all natural and herbal health protocols are promoting that we eat foods that the immune system needs on a daily basis. Furthermore, all natural health protocols, state that we should reduce our intake and exposure to (more) toxins. Finally, reducing the amount of toxins already in our body by using either external or internal detoxifying agents is the ultimate and most significant part of most Detoxification/Cleanse protocols for restoring health. In conclusion, the goal of most healing and health recovery program is Detoxification and Cleansing (and to continually remove toxins faster from the body faster than the rate of intake). This is the only way our immune system and the supporting organs can keep up in this toxic world. The ion detox and cleanse foot spa is an example of an external aid for body's own self detoxification and Cleanse system.

When we are following any Detoxification & Cleanse program or treatment, the mechanisms by which our body heals can be viewed as a positive feed back loop involving the immune system and its supporting organs. This mechanism is as follows: as more toxins get removed from the poisoned organ and tissues (aided by the Detoxification/Cleanse method), these organs are better able to carry out their own detoxification and cleanse function and support the immune system better; thus the immune system is able to repair its supporting organs faster and faster. As the supporting organs are repaired faster and faster, they will be able to support the immune system better and better until it is finally working at the optimum level. Now functioning properly, the immune system, the greatest Doctor in the world, can now keep up in its vital task of defending, repairing, and healing our body and mind (assuming we continue to give it proper nutrition).

Sadly, today, even after our body has healed itself from a battle with an illness, the war is not over. We are living in a toxic world and eating foods that are so toxic and stripped of vital nutrients not only because of high speed processing techniques that uses high temperatures and chemical additives, but also because of the mass growing and harvesting techniques used in modern farming and agriculture. These techniques all focus on quantity and profit rather than on quality, therefore, we have no choice but to continue to help our body detoxify. We must continue to monitor what we eat in order to reduce our intake of toxins while also insuring that we are getting the essential nutrients necessary for cleansing, nourishing and balancing our immune system and body.

Ion detox and cleanse foot spas neutralize toxins that diffuse from the body and wash away in the spa water from every organ, tissue, and cell in our body; thus the ion detox and cleanse foot spa helps the immune system and its supporting organs aiding to dramatically reduce their detoxification and cleanse workload that they would have to otherwise carry out on their own. All this gives the immune system more time and more resources for it's important job of tissue repair, and fighting diseases. Over time, as each type of tissue or organ is detoxified within our body, we are going to notice a significant change in the way we feel. This feeling, called the healing reaction (or cleansing effect), is often a positive feeling. However the feeling can also be a temporary uncomfortable feeling until our body has adapted to having so much less toxins. Imagine that... our tissues and organs inside our bodies are so use to living in a highly toxic environment that we actually have to get used to having less toxins in our body!

When an ion detox and cleanse foot spa is used to externally aid in the elimination of toxins from our body, in conjunction with an effective Herbal or Dietary Health protocol, the whole body and the immune system is consequently re-energized. Only then is the immune system able to do it's full job repairing, healing, preventing, and curing virtually all diseases!

New scientific research suggests that all types of illnesses and diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc., can be prevented through proper nourishment and care of the immune system, and that a persons overall health and wellness can be greatly improved! Ion detox cleanse foot spa sessions along with an effective dietary modification, not only, promotes a sense of well being, it is a revolutionary way to re-balance, re-energize and detoxify the body and this promotes healing by the immune system.

The ion detox and cleanse foot spa and dietary modification re-stabilizes the cells of the body so that normal physiological functions run at optimal levels, particularly the uptake of necessary nutrients and the elimination of unwanted waste products. These benefits dramatically help to restore the immune system to normal functioning, not only, by reducing the stress on it, but also by helping the body to better absorb the necessary nutrients we need to eat in order to restore its functions!

Possible Benefits of Ionic Body Cleansing & Detoxification

Because of the cleansing power of water, ionic foot bath hydrotherapy sessions aids the body in its detoxification and cleansing benefits – it assist restoring body vitality against environmental toxins by eliminating the chemicals you take in from drugs, environmental pollution, and foods (particularly processed foods and meats). The benefits go on however we cannot make medical claims so we are unable to list them here, but we will list the benefits of detoxification, proper dietary modification and following the detoxification checklist below. The key is proper nutrition & an effective cleansing modality!

Detoxification and Cleanse Checklist:

Regular detoxification and cleanse reduces the stress on the liver, kidney, and immune system by helping to unblock energy meridians and eliminate toxins.
Proper breathing techniques like Qi Gong, and Physical or Hatha Yoga, will help oxygenate body and aid in detoxification (Special Classes Available).
Limiting your intake of toxic foods and increasing the live (uncooked) wholesome plant foods in your diet is vital for the cleansing process. Online courses, special workshops, and phone support for selecting the right combination of plant foods is available. (Based on the Principles of Nutritional Immunology)

Benefits Of Dietary Modification + Detox Checklist:

Promotes a sense of well being
Heavy metal removal
Positive effect on weight loss
Seasonal allergy relief
Increased oxygen levels and energy
Inactivation of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus
Faster recovery time from illness, accident, or surgery
Reduced inflammation and fluid retention
Enhanced nutrient absorption
Improved sleep & relief from tension
Positive effect on Immune system
Removal of waste products, such as diacetic, pyruvic, butyric, carbonic, uric, heptic and lactic acids
Symptomatic relief from edema, gout, swollen joints, pain, and headache
Safe for children 4 and up
and many more!!!!!!

Actually, the majority of toxins from the body do not produce a lot of color; so taking into consideration that the amount of toxins pulled from the body is also relatively small during a session, the color change you observe is usually predominantly caused by the corrosion process that happens to the metals in the array as a result of the ion generating process. The metal composition of the array material will also has an effect on the color change observed as well; depending on the stainless steel composition of the metals inside the array, the colors produces will vary widely from one manufacturer to the next; some array metal types give a lot of color and others do not.

If you are using an array metal type that produces a strong color, this strong color produced may completely mask the less intense color change resulting from toxins and other material leaving your body.

What does all this mean? It means that color change alone, to an untrained eye, at best, should only be used to confirm that your Aqua Health Ionizer machine and array are both functioning properly and producing the negative ions necessary to detox! Although helpful for speculating which materials and toxins are being pulled from your body, there is a great deal happening that is not visible as a color change. Only a chemical analysis of the Ionic Footbath water and a medical analysis can reveal the other hidden benefits that you are getting.

Because the color changes during Ionic Foot Bath sessions are both spectacular and amazing, everyone will tend to get caught up in the excitement; however practitioners should not to put too much emphasis and focus on color.

In Europe, China, and Japan, people really don't pay much attention to the water color change because ionic cleansing technology has been around there a lot longer; they understand that ionic detox cleansing is not about water color change. Other manufacturers include a color chart, so we have provided one as a general reference for those clients who are accustomed.

While it is usually the Ionic Footbath’s ability to draw toxins out of the body through pores in the feet that is getting all the attention, let's not forget the other equally important benefits; these benefits include: neutralizing body acid waste by alkalizing your blood and tissues; revitalizing the cells of the body; unblocking meridian bio-energy channels; as well as kick starting and activating the body's own internal detoxification and cleansing mechanism carried out by the immune system and its supporting organs.

To maximize these benefits, we highly recommend giving your body the proper nutrition needed on a daily basis to heal itself and carry out the internal self detoxification and cleansing process that will be activated and continued after each Ionic Foot Bath cleansing session. For more information about nutrition and how to enhance your Ionic Footbath detoxification and health benefits, please refer to your supplementary reference manual or call the Aqua Health Ionizer customer support team.

Water is the First Law of Wellness

Water regulates all functions of our bodies and transports nutrients into our cells and moves waste out of our cells and regulates the functioning of the brain. When we are dehydrated, all of these functions would be impaired. It is critical to consume 8-12 glasses of pure water every day. The right kind of water can help maximize the nutrition you get from your vitamins and to optimize the elimination of toxins from your body.


Many of the problems and sickness we are experiencing today is in part due to the fact that we do not drink enough water. Yet, at the same time, much of the toxins we are taking into our body are from our water supply. We need to drink more water, but where do we get clean healthy water from? Most people only understand the difference between clean and dirty water, but they don't understand the difference between healthy and clean water.

Distilled water is clean water, but it's not healthy because it has been stripped of it's life force; it's actually very harmful!

Bottled Water is "OK" Right?