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Morning Walker

To maintain a healthy body, lead a happy life and to live long are the hopes of modern people with a high living standard. But people in today’s age are often found in bad health owing to reasons such as:
Sumptuous food, over eating and lack of exercise.
Air pollution, water contamination, agricultural pesticides and increasing noise pollution.
Common use of artificial air-conditioning and heating which weakens the skin function.
Increased use of food additives and medicine.
Old age, diseases/ ailments, mental stress etc.

Study conducted by various health organizations worldwide has revealed that oxygen efficient aerobic exercise is the best way to maintain good physical and mental health. This form of exercise not only improves the basic characteristics of the body but increases energy, improves our attitude and helps to relieve from various diseases/ ailments that grows with the age. Introducing MORNING WALKER, an aerobic exerciser designed on the principle of a goldfish, by which you can do Morning Walk lying on the bed itself. By using MORNING WALKER for 15 minutes is equal to 10000 steps of brisk walk and 8 km in terms of oxygen benefit. MORNING WALKER can be used anytime, any place by people of all ages starting from a 8 year old kid without any side effect. It is portable, compact and easy to operate. It consumes just 50 watts of power and comes with a fully automatic timer.

Aerobic exercise to the entire body.
Reduces weight and dissolves fat.
Generates inner strength in the whole body.
Improves Blood Circulation.
Relieves back pain, muscle pain and neuralgia.
Solves lack of daily exercise and oxygen deficiency.
Improves Digestion.
Increases immunity to allergies.
Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and breasts.
Relieves from various diseases/ ailments.

The rhythmic swinging movement of MORNING WALKER exercises bones and joints of the whole body. Improved blood circulation due to increased oxygen absorption can alleviate the paralysis and pain of arthritis and rheumatism caused by oxygen deficiency.

When exercising or working too hard, muscle fatigue is likely to occur. By exercising with Morning Walker, it increases the body metabolism which helps to eliminate muscle fatigue.

The swaying motion of the MORNING WALKER can massage internal organs to help peristalsis, prevent constipation, and alleviate vulnerability of disease. Also, the over all effect of it's aerobic exercise especially on the waist and belly region, can loose weight and dissolve excess fat.

The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. An unbalanced Autonomic Nervous System can cause nervousness, anxiety, peristaltic disease, fatigue, and constipation. MORNING WALKER improves the body’s metabolism, thus prevents many of these problems.

Aerobic exercise with Morning Walker enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivering blood to peripheral nerves. IMPROVED BODILY FLUID BASE- ACID EQUILIBRIUM Perfect physical condition is achieved when fluid has a weak alkaline content .The fluid base equilibrium varies according to food, exercise, climate and environment. Exercising with Morning Walker can help one attain a good fluid base- acid equilibrium.

The vertebra is the most important support system of the human body. Frequently, the vertebra (which control the Automatic Nervous System) and the nervous system can not operate properly due to trauma, scoliosis, or other spinal problems. MORNING WALKER can help strengthen the muscles around the spine and therefore help prevent injury and disease. MORNING WALKER can help prevent costly trips to a chiropractor by helping the body naturally re-align the vertebra.

Research and extensive studies has shown that a 15 minute workout using Morning Walker is equal to walking 10,000 steps. Modeled after a goldfish’s swimming motion, this trunk-twisting exercise aids circulation and digestion.

Oxygenating The Body Oxygen and Cells
Seventy-five trillions cells provide the body with energy to carry out brain, body and organ functions as well as movement. Cells starved for oxygen can create immune organ dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbances, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and many other imbalances. MORNING WALKER maximizes oxygenation of body cells which support deep healing. Normal vigorous exercise provides health benefits, but may also use vital oxygen and compress inter-vertebral disks due to which fatigue or physical stress may occur. MORNING WALKER supports health without energy loss, body stress with its effortless exercise. Since exercise with MORNING WALKER is done by lying down on a zero pressure - zero support basis, hence, a sense of well being and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

Cleansing Reactions
A few people may feel tired or sore in parts of their body after exercising with Morning Walker. This occurs as healthy circulation is being restored. If soreness occurs, reduce session time to 2-3 minutes and gradually return to 15 minutes session time when soreness stops. Dizziness may accompany in the initial sessions to receive full benefit. Seek medical advice if dizziness persists and discontinue use until a medical evaluation is obtained. Dizziness could suggest an inner ear, anemia problem or high blood pressure. Nausea can indicate low blood pressure or Meniere’s disease. Morning Walker reduces lymph stagnation and enhances removal of waste from the body. Such cleansing may cause temporary bad breath and thirst. Drink plenty of room temperature water after each session and between meals to hasten the cleansing process.

The Spine’s influence on Health
The Central nervous system includes the brain and the spinal cord. Branching out from the central nervous system is a network of nerves. These nerves regulate internal body processes that require no conscious awareness (e.g., heart contraction, the rate of breathing, digestion etc.) This extended nerve network is called the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is further divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic. They provide vital balance to the body’s nerve function. Any impairment in spinal alignment or spinal pressure on vertebral joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor or major dysfunction or imbalance. MORNING WALKER uses the left-right sideway motion to gently relax muscles along the spine, thereby encourage spinal alignment and stimulates passive contraction of inter-vertebral muscles to strengthen the spine and back.

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement
Human spinal designed lateral twisting, snake-like movement of Morning Walker helps to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and promotes a sense of well being. Adults rarely utilize this design feature. Consequently, there is accumulated stress and tension in the body. Watch a baby stretch and twist in its crib. This is a natural human movement that relaxes and creates the energy.

When we observe animals or sea creatures we notice the serpentine movement in their walking, running or swimming motion. MORNING WALKER mimics the motion of a goldfish swimming which helps human to maintain optimal health.
You maybe curious to know how does the swinging movement of MORNING WALKER produce such effective results. While MORNING WALKER moves the entire body, most importantly, it is moving the largest muscle group in the body i.e. your legs. The swinging motion causes your blood to circulate efficiently in the whole body. In turn every cell absorbs oxygen and the toxins are removed. By using MORNING WALKER you do not get a 10 km run kind of workout which makes you sweaty and exhausted. Instead you lie down, relax while having a workout and your entire body is rejuvenated within these few minutes of workout.

MORNING WALKER is very simple to use. It consumes just 50 watts of power and comes with a fully automatic timer. You can set the usage time by rotating the timer knob and phew, it stops automatically. So every family member can use it for the desired period anywhere, any time. Morning Walker is compact, portable and space saving. It can be easily placed under the bed. And moreover it is virtually maintenance free. In case of any problem, Morning Walker can be repaired at any of the 270 centers located in India.

How To Use

Place MORNING WALKER on the floor or hard flat surface. Never place it on an unstable surface such as spring or soft mattress.
Insert the plug in the power socket
Lie on your back in front of the equipment and place both your legs on to the grooved footrest of the equipment. Remember to adjust your legs in a manner that both the ankles are placed ahead of the grooved footrest.
The suggested time for 1st time user is between 4-6 minutes. Increase the duration gradually to suit your body requirement.

NOTE 1 :- At anytime whenever you feel giddy or heaviness while exercising to a level where you feel comfortable during initial use. Thereafter again start increasing the duration gradually as your body responds.

Set the automatic timer to the desired time (maximum time=15 minutes). Close your eyes and relax the entire body to draw maximum benefits.
Choose the desired posture (Refer to postures). The regular pose is that shown in fig -1.
After the preset time, the automatic timer will switch off the machine automatically.

NOTE 2 :- Do not try to switch off the equipment by manually rotating the timer. This will damage the timer unit. Always switch off the power socket to stop the equipment or lift both your legs from the footrest and place it by the side of the equipment. rest for a while before you get up.

Once the equipment stops after the preset time, remain calm with your eyes closed for a period not less than 1-2
minutes. During this period you may feel anaesthetized sensation in your body. This is the normal feeling of well being.
Allow this sensation to clam down after which turn sideways and gently sit in cross legged position for another a minute or so. For those who are unable to sit, may rest lying down for a longer period of time and then stand up.
Stand up and massage your joints and body.

When To Use

It may be used anytime and at anyplace to your suitable time.
Ideally it may be used early morning with empty stomach or 3-4 hours after the main meal or one hour before meal.
For relief from constipation, indigestion or stomach disorders, use it early morning, empty stomach by consuming a glassful of lukewarm water before and after use for optimum results.
For relief in insomnia, use it 2 hours after dinner.
For weight loss, use it for the maximum duration, 2 - 3 times a day in the respective posture (fig-3) for a period of at least 45-60 days.

Who Can Use

Morning Walker can be used by :-
Men and women of any age (upto 90 years age).
Children above 6 years of age.
Paralytic (bedridden) or physically challenged persons. (in consultation with their physician)

Who Should Not Use

Pregnant Woman.
Patient using a pacemaker.
Patient undergone a recent surgery/ operation and not allowed movement or the wound has not closed and healed.
Patient suffering from slip disc and advised no movement/ bed rest.
Patient having plate inserted due to bone injury in a manner restricting movement of the upper body or leg, in particular.


Drink a large glass of warm water before and after each exercise session to help aid blood circulation and digestion.
Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
Never face draughts from a fan while exercising.
If you sweat during your exercise session, be sure to cover yourself to prevent chills and colds.
Exercise for the desired no. of times a day on a regular basis to achieve maximum benefits.


Never exercise using it for more than 15 minutes at one time.
Children should use only under adult supervision.
Do not use it immediately after eating.
Do not use it under the influence of alcohol.
Stop the equipment immediately if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.
Do not twist or move your body while the equipment is in use.
Do not leave the equipment unattended when plugged in. Unplug the cord from the outlet when not in use.
Use it only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use any attachment not recommended by us.

Do not try to dissemble or repair it privately.
Do not drop it from a high place.
Do not apply force or pressure if it does not work.
Do not sit on it or prevent it from vacillating or else the motor may burn.
Keep away from high temperature and moisture.
Unplug from the power outlet during long intervals.
Avoid water entering into the equipment and the timer unit.
To improve blood circulation, strengthen cardiovascular function, relief fatigue and insomniaLie down with two palms facing up and by the side of the legs in a relaxed manner.
To relieve migraine, bony spur, headache, gout, arthritis, spinal deformity Lie down with both hands placed under the head.
To reduce weight, balance nerve system, relieve mental strain Lie down with both hands stretched upwards. For quick results to reduce weight, contract belly and buttocks while breathing normally.
To improve breathing capacity, lung function, relieve back pain Lie down with both arms surrounding the head.
To relieve from indigestion, constipation, frequency of micturition, strengthen excretory system Lie down with both hands placed on abdomen.
To increase oxygen supply, promote body growth (especially for children)Lie down with both hands spread sideways and palm facing down.

Why is Morning Walker called an aerobic exerciser that increases oxygen ?
During use, the Morning Walker stimulates gangliated nerves, expands capillaries, enhances the ability to inhale oxygen so that it can reach cells located deep in the tissues and between cell boundaries. The aerobic movement increases oxygenation of blood and activates cells. This respiratory oxygen process is the key to increased cell metabolism and improved health.

Why does swinging with Morning Walker for 15 minutes have the effect of walking 10000 steps?
Research shows that by the swaying motion of Morning Walker, it can consume the equivalent amount of calories burning oxygen, consumed during one and half hour’s of walking. Since it is used lying down, during exercise, one do not experience any pressure, the body has total support and you feel relaxed. In addition, this is an aerobic exercise performed without getting tired and strained. Thus, by using it for 15 minutes produces the same effect as walking of 10000 steps.

Has the efficiency of Morning Walker been verified as a healthcare gadget by any recognized agency?
Yes, its efficiency has been verified by reputed institutions viz. National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped etc. It has been tried on over 4000 patients by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, who have got benefits using it. Moreover, Morning Walker has been endorsed by Indian Medical Association who has found it to be a useful substitute for morning walk which can be used safely as an aid for treating the various ailments. Extensive feedback reports have been received from customers using it and getting its benefits.

Why do we have to remain lying still for two to three minutes after using Morning Walker?
When the Morning Walker stops, it is highly recommended not to get up immediately because you will have the sense of total collapse from head to toe of the entire body. This is what we call the oxygen- blood circulation. Immediately when the machine stops, you will feel this sensation which produces as much as 60% of the total effect which is even greater than the effect produced during the actual swinging itself.

Why did I experience discomfort or a sense of unwell when I initially started using Morning Walker?
Some users may complain of fatigue or feel generalized pain while during initial use of Morning Walker. This is due to the fact that either they are out of shape with very poor body movement or they have not fully recovered from unrelated injuries. But after one has used it for some period of time they will not feel tired at all and in fact forget that they have been using it daily for 15 minutes and getting the effect of 10000 steps. Before using Morning Walker, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the machine and make certain that its use is consistent with any illness you might have. Experiences of users have revealed that they could identify hidden disease within which they never knew about while using the machine. Thus, Morning Walker can be a useful mean to alert you about your health conditions.

Does Morning Walker helps to relieve from diseases / ailments and if so, how?
Morning Walker is very useful for people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, spondylitis, arthritis, cardiopulmonary disease etc. Click on the disease to know how Morning Walker brings relief from these diseases and many more:

Can I watch TV or chat while swinging with Morning Walker?
For effective results, Morning Walker must be used with eyes closed and full relaxation. Distractions in any form will reduce the effectiveness of the machine.

Why should you drink water before and after using Morning Walker?
Before and after using Morning Walker, you must drink water to facilitate removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body. Removal of waste materials from the body promotes good health.

Is there any side effect by using Morning Walker?
Unlike other exercising equipment, you will be happy to know that Morning Walker can be used by men and women of any age, by patients, old aged people and even children since it has no side effect. While using any exercising gadget, we must observe the three vital characteristics responsible for safe usage i.e. BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE & PULSE RATE. Tests conducted by various medical institutions confirms that by using Morning Walker, there is no change (in extreme cases very minimal change) in the heart rate and pulse rate of the human body. Thereby, it is the only exercising gadget which can be safely used by patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases or even those who have undergone bypass surgery.

Who cannot use Morning Walker?
Morning Walker cannot be used by person falling under any of the following category:
Morning Walker cannot be used by person falling under any of the following category:
Pregnant Woman.
Patient using a pacemaker.
Patient undergone a recent surgery/ operation and not allowed movement or the wound has not closed and healed. .
Patient suffering from fracture and advised no movement/ bed rest.
Patient having plate inserted due to bone injury in a manner restricting movement of the upper body or leg, in particular

How does Morning Walker works and is it economical in use?
Morning Walker is very simple to use. It consumes just 50 watts of power and comes with a fully automatic timer. You can set the usage time by rotating the timer knob and it stops automatically. So every family member can use it for a maximum time of 15 minutes anytime, anywhere. Morning Walker is compact, portable and space saving. It can be easily placed under the bed. And more over it is virtually, maintenance free. In case of any problem, Morning Walker can be repaired at any of the 270 centers located in India. No wonder their are over 1,00,000 families reaping the benefits of Morning Walker and leading a healthy, painless life.